Transport Media


In our ever more mobile times with people constantly on the go, transport media is of fundamental and growing importance – and an essential element of all effective advertising strategies. Trams and buses on the Holding Graz routes carry around 1,7 mio passengers every year!

The remarkably big advertising surfaces public transport vehicles provide is the overwhelming advantage that makes them such an interesting proposition. Added to this they offer advertising to go taking the message with them everywhere. These vehicles are constantly on the move, they have a very positive image with the public and are seen by vast numbers of people. The endless innovative perspectives this kind of advertising opens up for design and creativity bring a dramatic touch that is valuable for brands, products and company image presentations as they reach out directly to many vital target groups.

Like the people they serve public transport vehicles never stay in one place or keep to a single route. They constantly move around throughout the entire city area in the course of a working year and are literally exposed to consumers "all over Graz"! 

For further Informations please contact our Transport Media Unit: Herrn Robert Merc, 0316 9004-7786.


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